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As a matter of fact, we are rocket scientists. From theory to practice, we solve problems. Let us solve yours. Contact us. Visit our Press Room. Browse the vignettes above and to the right. Or, just roll your cursor over our experience and capability portfolio:

Aerospace. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA: Deep Space 1 flight engineering team, autonomy and navigation control. New Millenium X2000 spacecraft bus avionics. NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts: fault tolerant, photonically-interconnected multi-computer for interstellar missions. Missile Defense Agency: "VCSELs for Spaceflight Multi-Processors" (IEEE Aerospace Conference). Smithsonian, TRW: Einstein Observatory, a.k.a. HEAO-B, X-ray telescope thermal models.

Electronics and Computer Design. Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI): Array processor design and test. CAD/CAM for microelectronic design. VAX 8600 computer. Basic research: "What Designers of Microelectronic Systems Should Know About Arrays Spared by Rows and Columns" (IEEE Trans. Reliability). "Configuration of Locally Spared Arrays in the Presence of Multiple Fault Types" (IEEE Trans. Computers).

Wind Power. Wind turbine metrology: recording weather station; installation; deployed. Wireless monitoring and control of wind turbines: communications; graphical user interface; firmware loader and bootstrap for electrical power inverter.

Solar Power. Argonne National Laboratory: prototype development, Winston solar concentrator.

Gaming and Gambling. Probability. Design and programming of combinatorial algorithms. Expert witness.


Networks and Communications. Department of Homeland Security, Advanced Research Projects Agency: CMRTU: Crypto-Secure Remote Terminal Unit for New and Retrofit SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Technology assessment, SCADA protocols. Commercial sector security: Distribution and caching of Internet video content. Air Force Research Laboratory: fastest solution, wireless benchmark challenge.; radio spectrum re-use. Basic research: "What Designers of Bus Structures and Networks Should Know About Hypercubes" (IEEE Trans. Computers). Graph-theoretic Hamming-distance-vector routing. See also our wireless connectivity web page, and make sure to view our Flash animation of Connection Foundry™, software that optimizes network throughput, fault tolerance, latency, and power.

Bar Codes and Image Processing. Enhancement to manufacturer's scanners. Autodiscrimination, noise filtering, and de-rotation. Nuclear medicine: diagnostic imaging. Desktop apps (now retired): RightCardware™, as well as RightCoreWare™, part of our solution set for storing and organizing geological drill samples.

Software and Practical Computer Science (other than listed elsewhere on this page): Methodology and tools. Workstation virtual terminal emulation of Unigraphics D90M. Design, implementation, and test of computer language compilers and interpreters. Computer systems performance. Computer operating system development and performance.

Professional Publications (other than listed elsewhere on this page): Mutual test and diagnosis (MTAD). From research to commercial logo. Basic research: robust control, quantitative feedback theory. Program Chair, IEEE Conference on Innovative Systems in Silicon. Guest editor, IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology.

Education. Report to ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology). Instruction. Teaching awards, coaching.